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EmulsiFlex-C160 shown with heat exchanger, pressure transducer and digital peak reset meter. 
Pressure Pulsation vs. Time.  AVESTIN®'s EmulsiFlex-C160 exhibits virtually no pulsation compared to a single plunger pump.  The smooth flow results in a homogeneous product.
EmulsiFlex-C160 schematic.  The unit weighs approximately 935 lb/420kg unpacked.

The EmulsiFlex-C160 is ideal for cell rupture, ultrafine emulsions, nanoparticles, and homogeneous liposomes.We are ready to test your product. Please contact us.

1. Pump
The EmulsiFlex-C160 homogenizer has an electric motor-driven triplex pump developed and manufactured by AVESTIN®. Three hardened, stainless steel pump bodies are individually mounted for easy access and maintenance. There are NO "O"-rings or gaskets in the entire pump head. The plunger seal is UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene); other seal materials are optional. The plunger seal is the only plastic in the pump body. All other seals are precision metal to metal/metal to ceramic face seals without gaskets. The plungers are made of very hard ceramic polished to a mirror finish. The entire pump body, including check valves, is easy to disassemble for cleaning and inspection. The drive unit is enclosed in a stainless steel housing for safe, clean and quiet operation. The plunger back flush system is standard.

2. Homogenizing Valve
The standard EmulsiFlex-C160 is delivered with a dynamic homogenizing valve with pneumatic pressure control. The valve's wear parts are manufactured out of hard ceramic as standard. Diamond is also available. AVESTIN® homogenizing valves are designed to be easy to disassemble for cleaning or inspection. NO "O"-rings are present. The only plastic seal is a Teflon ring to seal around the homogenizing valve stem. All other seals are precision metal/ceramic and metal/metal face seals without gaskets.

3. Capacity/Pressure
The standard EmulsiFlex-C160 produces a constant flow rate of 160L/hr/0.7GPM, independent of the homogenizing pressure. There are two models available: the EmulsiFlex-C160/A is capable of pressures between 500-20000psi/3.5-138MPa whereas the EmulsiFlex-C160/B is capable of pressures between 500-30000psi/3.5-207MPa. The pressure is adjusted using a pneumatic control; once set, the pressure remains steady within a narrow range.
A variable speed version known as the EmulsiFlex-C160/VS is available for those with special requirements. This allows for processing at flow rates between 80L/hr and 160L/hr. The flow rate is infinitely adjustable within this range and easily controlled. The EmulsiFlex-C160/VS will homogenize and meter the product at the same time! Contact us for details.

4. Temperature Control
Products with temperatures up to 70°C can be run. Higher temperature applications require optional equipment. Sanitary heat exchangers can be sized to cool down or heat up the product correctly.

5. Cleaning and Sterilization
All parts, including the check valves, homogenizing valve, pumps and high pressure fittings can be disassembled easily for cleaning and inspection. The entire wetted path, including the pump bodies and the homogenizing valve, can be isolated in a clean room for sterile operation. All of the wetted parts are autoclavable and FDA approvable. The wetted path is SIP (Steam In Place) sterilizable; the pump inlets can easily be connected to steam at 120-130°C. Sodium hydroxide, ethanol, acetone and various other cleaning agents are commonly used for cleaning. The pump inlets can be connected to a compressed air/nitrogen cylinder to flush out the entire product path.

6. Requirements for Operation
The EmulsiFlex-C160 family requires electric power of any common voltage (208V/230V, 380V/400V, 460V, 600V), 3-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz. The pneumatic control of the homogenizing valve uses air/gas with virtually no flow rate and a pressure of approximately 100psi/0.7MPa. The plunger cooling/flush system, used to extend seal life (particularly with abrasive products), will operate on either regular city water or a compatible, low viscosity fluid of your choice. The flow rate required is minimal.

7. Accessories
Click here to see the accessories available for the EmulsiFlex-C160.
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