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The EmulsiFlex-C50 fitted with pneumatic pressure control cylinder (centre) and heat exchanger. Note the pressure transducer in an in-line transducer adapter to the left of the homogenizing valve.
  The electronic control box for the EmulsiFlex-C50. No pilot valves making it a very quiet unit.
  The EmulsiFlex-C50 weighs approximately 80lb/36kg unpacked.

The EmulsiFlex-C50 homogenizer is ideal for cell rupture, ultrafine emulsions, nanoparticles, and homogeneous liposomes. In most cases we can come to you for a demonstration. Please contact us.

1. Pump
The EmulsiFlex-C50 homogenizer is powered by an air/gas driven, double-acting, high pressure pump developed and manufactured by AVESTIN®. There are no "O"-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product. The only plastic seal is the plunger seal which is UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). There is no air operated pilot valve making it quite possibly the quietest air driven pump of its type on the market today. The plunger back flush system is standard.

2. Homogenizing Valve
The standard EmulsiFlex-C50 is delivered with a pneumatically controlled, dynamic homogenizing valve. The entire homogenizing valve is very easy to disassemble for cleaning and inspection. No "O"-rings are present. The only plastic seal is a Teflon ring to seal the homogenizing valve stem. All other seals are precision metal/ceramic and ceramic/ceramic face seals without gaskets.

3. Capacity/Pressure
In common with all air driven pumps, the flow rate depends on the homogenizing pressure selected. The EmulsiFlex-C50 has a capacity of 15-50L/hr. A sample as small as 25mL can be processed with a hold back volume of less than 4mL. The homogenizing pressure can be adjusted in the range of 500-30000psi/ 3.5-207MPa.

4. Temperature Control
Inlet and outlet temperatures can be controlled with the installation of an appropriate heat exchanger.

5. Cleaning and Sterilization
Hot water, ethanol, acetone and various other cleaning agents can be flushed through the equipment for quick cleaning. After cleaning, residual fluids may be removed from the instrument by blowing the system out with compressed air/gas. The unit, including the homogenizing valve, can be fully disassembled for stringent cleaning and inspection if required. The entire wetted parts, including the pump bodies and homogenizing valve, can be isolated in a clean room for sterile operation. All wetted parts are autoclavable and FDA approvable. The pump inlets can be connected easily to steam at 120-130 °C for steam in place sterilization.

6. Requirement for Operation
Most laboratories, research facilities and production spaces have sufficient air pressure and flow rate to run the C50. For laboratory use, a compressor of 7hp/5.2kW is sufficient. For production over several hours, we recommend a compressor of 10-15hp/7.5-11.2kW . These compressors are common and affordable. The air pressure required depends on the application. For most dispersions, emulsions, liposomes and E. coli rupture, an air pressure of 85psi/0.6MPa or greater is sufficient.

7. Accessories
Click here to see the accessories available for the EmulsiFlex-C50.
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