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The EmulsiFlex-D20. 

The EmulsiFlex-D20 homogenizer is ideal for cell rupture, ultrafine emulsions, nanoparticles, and homogeneous liposomes. In most cases, we can come to you for a demonstration. Please contact us. 

1. Pump 
The EmulsiFlex-D20 homogenizer is powered by an electric motor.  There are no "O"-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product.  

2. Homogenizing Valve 
The standard EmulsiFlex-D20 is delivered with a pneumatically controlled, dynamic homogenizing valve. 

3. Capacity/Pressure 
Flow rate is independent of homogenizing pressure which is adjustable between 500 and 30000psi or 35 and 2000bar. The EmulsiFlex-D20 has a capacity of 20L/hr and it can process a sample as small as 50mL. 

4.  Temperature Control 
Inlet and outlet temperatures can be controlled with the installation of an appropriate heat exchanger. 

5. Cleaning and Sterilization 
The EmulsiFlex-D20 is steam-in-place (SIP) sterilizable and suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing. The wetted parts are autoclavable. 

6.  Requirements for Operation 
The EmulsiFlex-D20 requires electric power,
3-phase, 50-60Hz, 380-500VAC. 

7.  Accessories 
Click here to see the accessories available for the EmulsiFlex-D20.