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Cell Rupture     Dispersions     Liposomes     Emulsions

A control sample of unruptured Schizosaccharomyces pombe yeast.

  Schizosaccharomyces pombe after one pass at 28000 psi/193MPa through the EmulsiFlex-C160.  Only cell fragments remain. 
Cell Rupture                                                                   Top 
Strain: Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Machine: EmulsiFlex-C160
Pressure: 28000psi/193MPa
Sample cfu/ml % viable % NOT viable
control 5.1 x 107 ~100 ~0
1 pass 5.0 x 103 0.01 99.99

Strain: E. coli (BL21) 
Machine: EmulsiFlex-C160
Pressure: 20000psi/138MPa
Sample cfu/ml % viable % NOT viable
control 4.06 x 109 ~100 ~0
1 pass 1.77 x 107 0.44 99.56
2 passes 1.70 x 106 0.04 99.96
3 passes 2.4 x 104 5.9 x 10-4 ~100

An unprocessed dispersion with a starting size range of 10-100microns (600X magnification).

Processed sample of uniform, 1micron particles (100X magnification).
Dispersions                                                                 Top 

A whole range of dispersions can be run through EmulsiFlex high pressure homogenizers to reduce particle size as well as make the size distribution uniform.  EmulsiFlex homogenizers are involved in the processing of dispersions such as drug dispersions, herb extracts, industrial coatings and pigments. 

Shown is a sample of a dry crystalline (amorphous) powder run through an EmulsiFlex homogenizer at 25000psi/173MPa.

Liposomes prepared using the EmulsiFlex high pressure homogenizer, extruder or both in combination.  Combined homogenization yields 113.7nm in one pass and 89.9nm in two passes. 

An example of uniform, unilamellar liposomes.
Liposomes                                                         Top 
AVESTIN®'s high pressure homogenizers are used all over the world for liposome research and production.  Only EmulsiFlex homogenizers offer the combination of high pressure homogenization, high pressure membrane filtration or a combined, homogenization/filtration process. 


Pharmaceutical drug emulsion 'A' before processing.  The starting particle size is large (5-10microns) and the distribution wide.

Pharmaceutical emulsion 'A' after processing at 18000psi/124MPa.  Note the dramatic reduction in size (52nm) and the narrower distribution.
Emulsions                                                           Top 

Oil in water emulsion
Sample Pressure 
unprocessed - 656
1 pass 16,000 77
3 passes 16,000 59
5 passes 16,000 42
Pharmaceutical Emulsion 
Sample Homogenizing 
Pressure (psi)
Mean Droplet  
Diameter (nm)
control - 3,500
1 pass 20,000 590
3 passes 20,000 185
5 passes 20,000 140

Contact Avestin® to learn about EmulsiFlex equipment. Click here to see a video demonstrating a lab scale high-pressure homogenizer.
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