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The LiposoFast-Basic.

The LiposoFast-Stabilizer with a LiposoFast-Basic.

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1. Principle of Operation
The LiposoFast-Basic produces unilamellar liposomes by the manual extrusion of a multilamellar liposome suspension through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size, using gas-tight, glass syringes. The sample is passed through the membrane by pushing the sample back and forth between two syringes.

2. Temperature Control
The entire LiposoFast-Basic can be immersed in a water bath for use with high transition temperature lipids or heat sensitive compounds.

3. Accessories
The optional LiposoFast-Stabilizer was designed to simplify the repetitive use of the LiposoFast-Basic as well as the extrusion of highly concentrated samples. It accommodates both 0.5mL and 1.0mL syringes.

4. Free Trial
This instrument is available for a free trial. Simply contact us and we can send it to you. If after the trial you are not satisfied with it or it does not suit your research, simply send it back.
The LiposoFast LF-50.
LiposoFast LF-50

 Video Demonstration  

1. Principle of Operation
The LiposoFast LF-50 uses compressed gas at pressures up to 600psi/41bar to pressurize the sample cylinder and force the starting materials through a polycarbonate membrane.

2. Temperature Control
The sample cylinder of the LF-50 is sealed within a stainless steel jacket. Heat transfer fluid such as heated water can be circulated between the sample cylinder and the jacket to increase the temperature of the starting material for high transition temperature lipids or heat sensitive compounds.

3. Cleaning/Sterilization
All components of the LF-50 are easily cleaned and can be autoclaved.